Horizontal Well Re-fracturing

Date: TBA

Instructor: Dr. Ali Daneshy

0.8 CEU

Horizontal well re-fracturing has become a popular method for boosting declining production in many existing horizontal wells. Successful re-fracturing needs to consider the existing large number of fractures, the type of completion and its integrity.

Who should attend. This course is designed for people who are, or planning to, re-fracture their horizontal wells. Some basic familiarity with hydraulic fracturing will be very helpful in maximizing course usefulness.

Contents. The presentation offers a systematic start-to-finish approach to successful re-fracturing.

Candidate Selection

Why, how, and where does re-fracturing work. Matching production objectives with re-fracturing system choices.

Re-frac extension

Influence of reservoir depletion, completion type (openhole or cemented liner) and its integrity

Re-frac Isolation systems; their strengths, weaknesses, and applications

Chemical diverters

Mechanical diverters

Perf balls

Slimhole systems


CT deployed systems

Combination of chemical and mechanical diverters

Design of re-fractures

Diagnostic tools

Practical considerations to enhance successful execution