Frac-Driven Interactions (FDI) in Horizontal Wells: Damage Mitigation Options & Use for Better Frac Treatments

Instructor: Dr. Ali Daneshy

Date: TBA, Houston

0.8 CEU


Using actual field data, this course offers a comprehensive coverage of the positive and negative aspects of Frac-Driven Interactions (FDI) in horizontal wells. On the positive side it shows how careful analysis of the data can provide very valuable estimates of frac length and height, its orientation and growth pattern.

On the negative side, FDI can sometimes cause wellbore integrity damage in both the active and offset wells, loss of production and return of frac fluid and proppant inside the offset well that require expensive clean-up operations. This course discusses the prevailing types and effectiveness of remedial actions practiced by the industry.

Course contents, taught with actual field data, include:

  • Mechanics of multi-cluster frac initiation and extension in horizontal wells
  • Types of FDI, their causes and classification
  • Prevailing damage mitigation techniques and their effectiveness
  • Use of FDI for estimating critical frac engineering properties, including;
    • Length and height
    • Orientation
    • Growth pattern & detecting the influence of natural fracture