Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing

Instructor: Dr. Ali Daneshy

Date TBA as needed – Houston

1.6 CEU
Note: Participants receive a one-year subscription to Hydraulic Fracturing Journal


What is a hydraulic fracture? Why do we fracture wells? How do we fracture wells? What materials do we use? What constitutes a successful job? These are the questions answered in this course.

This course is designed for beginners as well as people already familiar with hydraulic fracturing. Different fracturing concepts are presented in simple terms and through common sense engineering principles. The workshop avoids use of complex mathematics and equations.

This workshop has two main objectives; a sound fundamental understanding of the mechanics and techniques of hydraulic fracturing, and, how to apply them in day-to-day operations. The participants learn the relationship between fracturing parameters and production increase. They become well-informed buyers and users of hydraulic fracturing.

By separating and focusing on the essential technical information this course offers in three days what other workshops try to cover in one week.

At the conclusion of this course the participants will learn;

    • Why hydraulic fracturing increases well productivity
    • Essential fracture properties for optimum production increase
    • Formation in-situ stresses and mechanical properties, and their impact on the created fracture
    • Mechanics of fracture initiation and extension
    • Different stages of a fracturing treatment and their purpose
    • Rheological and chemical properties of fluids used for fracturing
    • Common fracturing fluids and additives and their important properties
    • Proppant transport and fracture flow capacity
    • Common industrial proppants and their use
    • Different fracture types and where they should be applied
    • Production increase computation
    • Different techniques of fracture design and their operational significance
    • Engineering computations required for treatment execution
    • How to put the well back on production (fracture clean-up)
    • Financial aspect of hydraulic fracturing
    • Fracture acidizing

About the Instructor

Dr. Ali Daneshy teaches a graduate course on hydraulic fracturing at the University of Houston and is president of Daneshy Consultants Int’l. He is an SPE Distinguished Lecturer and winner of SPE Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to hydraulic fracturing. He is well-known throughout the world for his fracturing expertise. He has over 40 technical publications on the subject and has led and participated in planning, execution and optimization of many fracturing campaigns in all parts of the world during his 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. This is a very popular course and is taught regularly in US, Canada and many other countries.