Comprehensive Horizontal Well Engineering

Instructors: George King & Ali Daneshy

Date TBA as needed – Houston


These two independent courses can be taken separately, or together back-to-back. They offer a comprehensive and up-do-date coverage of the various engineering and practical aspects of horizontal well completion and fracturing systems for production of unconventional reservoirs.

By taking these courses the participants learn about the successful practices used for reliable completion design and fracturing of horizontal wells.

Both instructors are well-known in the industry for their expertise in the topics they cover.

Course 1: Wellbore Completion Engineering & Design

Instructor: George King



  • Horizontal well casing/liner design in openholes and cemented liner completions
  • Zone isolation selection and design in openhole and cemented liner completions
  • Other completion equipment selection and design
  • Examples and causes of casing deformation and failures during active fracturing operations

Course 2: Horizontal Well Fracturing Technology & Systems

Instructor: Ali Daneshy



  • Development planning for optimum well productivity
  • Fracture initiation and extension in horizontal openhole and cemented liner completions
  • Openhole fracturing, completion options, their features, and case histories
  • Cemented liner completion options, their features, and case histories
  • Fracturing materials (fluids, proppant, and additive selection)
  • Fracture diagnostics (tracers, microseismic, tiltmeter, and frac-driven interactions)