Hydraulic Fracturing: Full Coverage


Instructor: Dr. Ali Daneshy

Date TBA – Houston

Note: Participants receive a one-year subscription to Hydraulic Fracturing Journal


These are two separate and continuously updated courses. The first course establishes the essential technical and operational aspects of fracturing, while the second extends the discussion into horizontal wells. Emphasis in both courses is on day-to-day application of hydraulic fracturing for increased well productivity. While each is a separate and independent course on its own, more comprehensive knowledge of fracturing is gained if they are taken back-to-back.

Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing (2 days) Monday & Tuesday
What is a hydraulic fracture? Why and how do we fracture wells? What materials do we use? What constitutes a successful job? This course has two main objectives; a sound fundamental understanding of the mechanics, materials, and techniques of hydraulic fracturing, and, how to apply them in day-to-day operations.

Advanced Horizontal Well Fracturing  (3 days) Wednesday – Friday
This expanded course offers a comprehensive review of the mechanics of fracture initiation and extension in horizontal wells, and various available commercial completion systems and their application for different production objectives. The course expansion presents some of the novel and cost-effective diagnostic tools that have recently been introduced by the instructor for determination of fracturing parameters (orientation, length, growth mode, conductivity, etc.).

Continuing Education Credits received:

Continuing Education Credits received
Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing: 1.6 CEU
Advanced Horizontal Well Fracturing: 2.4 CEU
Both courses: 4.0 CEU