Frac Interactions: Gateway to Real-time Frac Management

Moderator: Dr. Ali Daneshy

Houston, Feb. 11, 2020

(private in-house workshop offered by mutual agreement)

About the workshop. Frac-Driven Interactions (FDI)s is the technology gateway to the next generation of fracturing operations. It offers the ability to decide, in real-time, when a treatment has reached its optimum effectiveness. It is ideally suited for today’s pad drilling and zipper fracturing practices. The allure of this technology is simplicity and low cost of its application. Post-mortem, the same data can be used to more cost-effectively determine the number and location of future wells for production of the reservoir.

The targeted audience. This workshop is recommended for both Service Companies and Operators. It presents the actions required by both sides to get the maximum benefits offered by the technology. Interaction between the two sides enhances the practical side of the discussions.

Workshop content. After a brief discussion of the technical background of the subject, this workshop presents actual field data to show how the technology helps determine the engineering characteristics of the created fractures and when they have reached their effective limit. It identifies the operational steps and set-up changes that are needed for the implementation of the process. Specifically, the workshop covers;

Brief review of the history of existing practices
Frac-Driven Interactions (FDI)s and lessons learnt
Real-time determination of frac vertical and lateral extents and growth pattern
Real-time evaluation of potential for production interference and well damage
Required set-up changes in real-time frac data acquisition systems
Guidelines for data-based real-time decisions
Application of FDIs for engineering process improvement/optimization

  • Development planning (number and location of wells) & completion design (frac spacing, size, materials)
  • Avoiding possible negative consequences of FDIs (wellbore mechanical and production damage)
  • Application for future operations such as for re-frac’ing and EOR