Horizontal Well Fracturing

Successful fracturing of a horizontal well is the key to its productivity in low permeability reservoirs. Fracturing strategy provides the best guide for planning drilling and completion details. Well completion plays a very critical role; both in terms of treatment execution and production increase, as well as the speed and total cost of fracturing.

Our understanding of horizontal well fracturing is based on analysis of many actual field cases. In the process we have developed a healthy appreciation for problems and complexities of horizontal well completion and fracturing, as well as techniques of reducing the risks.

Our consultation services include all aspects of horizontal well fracturing; including planning horizontal well direction and length for optimum production results, completion planning and design (open or cased hole, completion system selection, etc.), fracturing strategy for the specific geological formation (for optimum production), number of fractures, spacing between fractures, treatment design (fluid and its volume, rate, additives, proppant amount and type) post-treatment job evaluation, and production analysis.

Specialized software. We use several specialized proprietary software systems for our fracturing consultations.

With our consulting services we offer in-depth understanding of the mechanics of fracture initiation, extension, and proppant transport in horizontal wells. We know how to enhance well productivity through creation of multiple effective hydraulic fractures. We know the different completion techniques for creation of multiple fractures presently in use by the industry, their operational features, and which one will best fit your needs.

Different geologic formations require different fracturing strategies. We offer the best fracturing strategy to fit your production objectives.

We have a successful record of horizontal well fracturing for our US and Canadian clients.

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