Produced Water Control

In vast majority of wells the produced fluid is a mixture of oil and injected or formation water. Some of this water is useful and needs to be accepted as part of production stream. But the produced mix often includes excessive water that does not contribute to production of oil. The aim of water control is to reduce the excessive production of water.

By and large, the oil and gas industry is not happy with the success records of treatments performed for control of excessive water. Part of the problem is lack of clarity as to where and when water flow can and should be controlled, and, the treatment selections and design considerations that can lead to a successful job.

Our consulting services include the following;

 • Diagnostics; is the produced water excessive and can be controlled?

• Choice of an appropriate system for water control; chemical vs. mechanical

• Selection of appropriate chemicals in chemical water control

• Selection of mechanical systems in mechanical water control

• Recommendation of a placement technique

• Treatment design and pumping schedule

• Identification of candidates suitable for Inflow Control Devices (ICD) installation

• Design of ICD completions