Hydraulic Fracturing

We approach hydraulic fracturing from a production increase perspective. Better production results require use of latest fracturing tools, technologies and proven practices. With the high cost of fracturing operations can we really afford making fracturing decisions based on out-dated practices?

Our consultation services include all aspects of hydraulic fracturing and production enhancement, from frac candidate selection to frac treatment design, frac job execution, real-time evaluation of frac job data and on-site decision-making, post-job evaluation and trouble shooting, and, production history matching.

Specialized software: We use several specialized proprietary software systems for our fracturing consultations.

Based on many actual field frac data, we have stepped beyond the basics to crack the mysteries surrounding mechanics of fracture initiation, extension, proppant transport, frac height, screen-out, fracture closure, and what brings good production. We offer new techniques for qualitative determination of fracture conductivity. Our technical recommendations are based on the following new technologies;

 • Mechanics of frac initiation and extension in the real world

 • Causes and consequences of shear fracturing and fracture branching

 • Impact of completion design on fracture propagation and production increase

 • Qualitative assessment of fracture conductivity based on analysis of frac pressure data

 • Matching frac design with formation properties for better production

 • Fracture height in industrial treatments

 • Cause and effect analysis of screen-out

 • Interpretation of fracturing pressure data and using it for better on-site decisions

 • Fracture mapping and various diagnostic tools

 • History matching production data and production-based fracture diagnostics

Our fracturing experiences include over 40 years in both Technology and Operations of hydraulic fracturing in US and outside. We have designed and executed numerous fracturing treatments all over the world. We analyze frac job data for trouble-shooting and performance review, and recommend action steps to enhance future production results.

Our various workshops on hydraulic fracturing and production data analysis techniques are well-known for their hands-on approach and high practical content. We routinely teach these courses in US, Canada and elsewhere all over the world. We also teach various courses related to hydraulic fracturing and different aspects of production enhancement in universities in US and outside and have made numerous technical presentations on the subject to worldwide audiences.