Intelligent Completions

Intelligent completions include integration of several different technologies, including horizontal and multilateral drilling, junction construction, various completion operations in multilateral wells, downhole flow control devices and a production strategy that links all of these together for optimizing the mix of fluids flowing out of the well. Our involvement in Intelligent Wells dates back to early 90s and the first installation of a multilateral well in North Sea, as well as installation of downhole flow regulators also in North Sea. Since then enormous progress has been made in all aspects of the different components of the technology.

Our consulting services include;

• Candidate screening and selection

• Development of an Intelligent Completion strategy suitable for the specific reservoir

• Determination of the number of laterals and their layout within the reservoir

• Matching completion components and capabilities with reservoir requirements

• Identification of completion needs of the multilateral wells

• Leading the formation of multi-disciplinary teams required for successful Intelligent Completion installation

Successful installation of Intelligent Completions is largely dependent on the proper integration of multiple operations and formation of a multi-disciplinary team to mix and match the needs of the system with the internal capabilities of the company, and external available services. Leading and formation of these teams is part of our services in this area.