Mr. Pat Chisholm

Pat T.W. Chisholm

Diversely experienced petroleum engineer, focusing on optimizing results. Extensive on-location fracturing experience, with proven problem solving skills. Unique ability to diagnose/identify problems and implement effective, often innovative solutions. Expertise in well evaluation and stimulation. Team player with highly effective communication skills and ability to instruct others.

Major Examples of Innovation: Devised “Fluid Efficiency Testing” (FET) to refine frac programs on location, which is now standard procedure throughout the industry by Halliburton and service companies worldwide. Patent on “Constant Internal Phase” concept to permit pumping higher sand concentrations on foam fracs. This concept is the standard for all foam fracturing today. These innovations have contributed greatly to maximizing production and increasing the return from stimulation investments.

Skills and Areas of Expertise

  • Fractured many deep, hot, high pressure wells. Worked extensively on early massive fracs, REFRACS, depleted reservoirs, high fluid loss, fluid efficiency, optimization, and orientation. Worked on Acid fracs and stimulation in Austin Chalk and Edwards Limestone.
  • Developed FET to optimize frac design on location which reduced costs, prevented screen-outs, enhanced job performance, and improved results.
  • Invented and implemented the “Constant-Internal Phase Foam Frac Theory,” which enabled the industry to pump high proppant concentrations of foam fracs for the first time.
  • Supervised stimulation. Established Quality Control and direction in planning, design, procedures, materials, training, equipment, execution, and safety. Worked with field operators and research engineers modernizing frac equipment for high sand concentrations, high pressures, and performance. Was Field Advisor to Research for development of state of art ADC blenders, ARC equipment, pumps, and software.
  • Evaluated DST, production and pressure data to design needed stimulation. Supervised treatments. Reviewed treatment logs for indications of problems and made corrections which prevented job failures.
  • Taught in-house and customer schools on hydraulics, procedures, safety, and formation evaluation.
  • Planned, supervised, and evaluated OPEN HOLE Drill Stem Tests (DSTs) and offshore cased-hole tests. Gave presentations on DSTs tools, procedures, chart interpretation, and calculation.
  • Planned and supervised primary and squeeze cementing, acidizing, sand control, blow-outs, lost circulation, grouting, industrial cleaning, hydro-jetting, training, job planning.

Work History

OIL & GAS OPERATOR, Chisholm Oil & Gas, LC, 1995 – Present

OIL & GAS CONSULTING, 1993 – Present

  • Developed and taught “Fracturing Handbook” training school for fracturing operators, supervisors, and engineers for Weatherford.
  • Taught “Practical Frac Solutions” at the Halliburton Energy Institute to Halliburton frac operating engineers and oil customer engineers.
  • Taught “Fluid Efficiency Testing (FET) and How to Frac a Well Using Fluid Leak Off Data” to all the engineers in Halliburton Oklahoma Division.
  • Supervised stimulation for oil operators.
  • PETROLEUM ENGINEER, Halliburton Services, 37 years of service, retired 1991
  • Stimulation Superintendent, Corpus Christi Division, 1981 – 1991
  • Formation Testing and Tools Superintendent, Corpus Christi Division, 1973 – 1982
  • District Engineer, Various South Texas Districts, 1965 – 1973
  • Design Engineer, Halliburton Tools Research, Duncan, Oklahoma, 1957 – 1965

ROUGHNECK, Power and Steam Rigs, two years


BS Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana State University, 1955