Water Control

Instructor: Prof. Ali Daneshy
Course Duration: 5 days 
CEUs: 4.0


At some point in their life most reservoirs will produce water. Most of this water is beneficial and helps production of oil and gas. But we also produce much water that is excessive and harmful to production.
The course objective is to offer participants a comprehensive discussion of the different sources of produced water and causes of excessive water production. It covers the mechanics of oil, gas, and water flow in the reservoir and the relationship between well completion, reservoir fluid properties, and, formation heterogeneity with water production. It offers techniques for shutting-off early water break-through, reducing coning water flow, and controlling water encroachment due to formation heterogeneity. The course includes a comprehensive discussion of the types of materials, tools, and services available in the industry, details of their application in actual operations, and their benefits and limitations. For each type of solution the course offers case studies and details of successful application.

The course also presents some of the novel mechanical tools which are available for downhole water control.

Who Should Attend :This workshop is designed for anyone who needs to reduce excessive water production from the reservoir. The emphasis is on operational aspects of the subject, with ample case histories to highlight successful treatments.

Course Content:

    • Background
    • Basics Recovery Mechanisms
    • Basic Aspects of Fluid Flow in Porous Media
    • Flow of Water in the Reservoir
    • Sources of Excessive Water Production
    • Formation Properties Controlling Water Flow
    • Significance of Permeability Anisotropy
    • Effect of Fluid Properties on Flow
    • Coning
    • Completion-related Water Break-through & Its Treatment
    • Diagnostic Tools and Techniques
    • Treatment Materials and Techniques for Reduction of Excessive Water Flow

Chemical Systems

      • Cement-based Systems & Applications
      • Silicate Systems & Applications
      • Monomer Systems & Applications
      • Polymer Systems & Applications
      • Resin Systems & Applications
      • Selection Criteria for Water Control Treatments
      • Treatment Techniques, Their Features & Applications
      • Case Histories From Around The World

Mechanical Systems for Water Control Inside the Borehole

      • Downhole Water Sink Concept and its Applications and Limitations
      • Downhole Oil/Water Separators and Their Features

Novel Completion Architectures for Control of Water Flow

      • Intelligent Completions and Downhole Flow Regulation
      • ICDs and Their Application

Management and Planning Aspects of Produced Water

      • Stages of Water Management
      • Economics of Water Production
      • Building Blocks for a Water Management Strategy
      • Obstacles to Prudent Water Management
      • Elements of Successful Water Management

Quality Control