Horizontal Well Technology Fair

Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Wells – — Oct. 28 ~ 29, 2013, Houston

Advanced Horizontal Well Fracturing – — — — — — — — — — — Oct. 30 ~ Nov. 1, 2013, Houston


Comprehensive coverage of the three critical operations of tight and conventional oil and gas reservoir development from three well-known industry experts with lots of experience with US & Canadian reservoirs;

Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Wells

Mr. Saad Ibrahim, Over 35 years experience in reservoir
engineering and horizontal wells

Advanced Horizontal Well Fracturing

Prof. Ali Daneshy, globally recognized fracturing expert.

Join either or both courses to learn the latest techniques for successful application of horizontal wells for superior reservoir production.

Continuing Education Credits received
Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Wells: 1.6 CEU
Advanced Horizontal Well Fracturing: 2.4 CEU
Both courses: 4.0 CEU