Comprehensive Hydraulic Fracturing

Dr. Ali Daneshy
4.0 CEU 


Two separate courses are offered during this week. Both cover down to earth, nuts and bolts daily needs of practicing engineers. The first course is designed for beginners, and the second for advanced users. Participants can enroll in either one or both. Combined, the two courses offer a comprehensive view of theory and practice of hydraulic fracturing and show where, why, and how actual hydraulic fractures deviate from simple theory. For those interested, they can be taken back-to-back. Emphasis in both courses is on day-to-day application of best fracturing practices.

Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing

What is a hydraulic fracture? Why do we fracture wells? How do we fracture wells? What materials do we use? What constitutes a successful job? This course has two main objectives; a sound fundamental understanding of the mechanics, materials, and techniques of hydraulic fracturing, and, how to apply them in day-to-day operations. This course ends with full design of an actual hydraulic fracture

Advanced Horizontal Well Fracturing

Built on actual field data this course covers how real hydraulic fractures deviate from simple theory. The aim of this course is to go beyond fundamentals and present new technologies and guidelines that lead to superior fracture designs and well production.

Continuing Education Credits received:

Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing: 2.4 CEU
Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing: 1.6 CEU
Both courses: 4.0 CEU