All-inclusive Horizontal Well Fracturing

Course Duration: 5 days

Feb 18 ~ 22, 2019 Houston

Instructor: Dr. Ali Daneshy

4.0 CEU

This two-course package offers a comprehensive discussion of the various technical and operational aspects of horizontal well fracturing. The first course presents a comprehensive coverage of fracture initiation and extension in different completion systems, fracturing materials and their applications, diagnostic systems, and their use. It then extends the discussion to more advanced topics, including cause and effect of stress shadowing, activation of different types of natural fractures, and review of interactions between fractures in adjacent offset wells.

The last day of the course is dedicated to discussion of the applications and methods of horizontal well re-fracturing.

Each of the two courses is separate and independently stands on its own. However, more comprehensive knowledge of fracturing is gained if they are taken together, and back-to-back.

Who should attend.These courses are designed for practitioners with some basic understanding of hydraulic fracturing.

Comprehensive Horizontal Well Fracturing Monday – Thursday (4 days)
This 4-day course presents a comprehensive discussion of initiation and extension of hydraulic fractures in different types of horizontal wells, fracturing materials and different diagnostic methods, plus more advanced topics such as stress shadowing and its consequences, activation of natural fractures and its effect on fracture growth, and interactions between fractures created in adjacent offset wells.

The link in this heading provides a more detailed list of topics covered in the course.

Effect of natural fractures
Coverage includes general discussion of the production effects of the different types of natural fractures and mechanics of their activation. It presents ways of estimating the extent of their presence in the reservoir and their impact on production interference.

Horizontal Well Re-fracturing Friday (1 day)
This one-day course provides a comprehensive discussion of the various topics that influence the successful re-fracturing of horizontal wells.

The link in this heading provides a more detailed list of topics covered in the course.