Mitigating Frac-Induced Damage to Horizontal Wells & Their Production: Causes, Types, Effects & Methods

Instructor: Dr. Ali Daneshy

March 12, Houston

0.8 CEU

Note: Participants receive a one-year subscription to Hydraulic Fracturing Journal

Using actual field data, this course offers a comprehensive discussion of the hottest fracturing subject of the day; wellbore and production damage caused by interactions between fractured horizontal wells and ways of mitigating their costly negative effects.

Interactions between fractured horizontal wells has become a common occurrence. If not addressed properly, the negative effects in the offset wells are known to include liner damage and rupture, frac fluid and even proppant invasion that have damaged the production lifting equipment, and more. At a minimum, these events have necessitated very expensive and time-consuming wellbore clean-up operations and missed production days. Sometimes they have caused loss of production in both the new and offset wells, and even complete loss of a producing well.

The industry’s intensive efforts to avoid these problems have resulted in many disappointments, but also some successful remedies.

Course contents, supported by actual field data, include:

  • Multiple simple and cost-effective detection methods
  • Identification and classification of the different types of interactions and their potential effects
  • Different mitigation techniques and their effectiveness

Analysis of fracture interactions is also a very valuable technique for determination of critical fracturing parameters, including:

  • Estimates of fracture length and height
  • Fracture orientation
  • Fracture growth pattern

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